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  • All fees are per traveller (resident & non resident) and include GST of 15%
  • Existing clients: 'New Trip' $75 (30 min)  *had a previous standard appointment*
  • Adult: $100 1st visit (30 min with the doctor incl. time to receive vaccinations).
  • Adults x 2: $95 each 1st visit (bring in your travelling companion: 60 minutes)
  • Child junior rates for age <14 yr ($70 to $75)
  • Saturday surcharge for new clients first visit: $25 
  • First time group appointments will require a $50 deposit at time of booking
  • 2nd visit & subsequent appointment & adminstration fee for all travellers is $25 and you can discuss queries you may have from the initial appointment 
  • ‘Malaria only’ : $45; 'Medical kit only' : $35
  • 'Yellow fever only' : $65 i.e. you have no other travel health concerns eg other vaccines, rabies, malaria prevention or treatment options, altitude guides & gastro flow guides, travel medical kits. No personalised 'checklist' is provided and your other medical or chronic medical concerns unrelated to the yellow fever vaccine will not be discussed. 
  • Family special: 2 adults + 2 child 90 min $295; 2 adults + 3 child <14yr 2 hour $325
  • Group appointments are at one sitting, but individualised to each traveller
  • Extended appointment fees apply for all appointments that exceed standard time
  • If our staff do assist you with a 'double booking', you may need to be patient and wait  
  • There is no fee for requesting our doctor’s advice + assistance while travelling
  • Post travel i.e. after travel illness: $120 (30 minutes) 
  • We receive no funding from the government (MOH) for attending to you
  • All appointment fees are chargeable even if you choose not to have any vaccines
  • If you do not accept the above costs, please do not book an appointment



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