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  • All prices include GST of 15% and are the same for non-NZ residents
  • The costs are per dose as per the 'Vaccination Schedule' on our left main menu and will be clearly explained to you at your appointment
  • Some vaccines may require more than one dose to be effective
  • Costs vary in price from $35 to ~$250 for specialised vax eg Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Tetanus/Diptheria: avoid this 2 in 1 combination vaccine as no pertussis protection. Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis $55, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis/Polio $100 (4 in1)
  • Typhoid $68, Hepatitis B $49, Hepatitis A $115, Hepatitis a+B $115, Yellow Fever $110
  • Some vaccines appear expensive but give you lifelong immunity and are 'an investment for future travel health
  • General Costs:
  • Total approx costs for a first time traveller: appointment + vaccines for a standard trip e.g. 14 days to Asia (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, hepatitis, typhoid) is $300 + 
  • 'Off the beaten' track travel may involve more specialised vaccines e.g. rabies $75 and will increase the total cost of consult + vaccines to ~ $500 ++
  • If you are still unsure about costs or need to budget, rather have the appointment only; then plan the vaccines for a later date
  • We keep our prices as reasonable as possible, yet deliver a high quality travel medicine service to our travellers
  • We purchase our travel vaccines in bulk and pass the discounts onto you
  • Your medical insurance company will usually cover the costs of the appointment, however the vaccine costs are not usually covered as they are considered to be preventative! They usually reimburse you for 'after travel' illnesses 
  • We receive no funding from the government for your vaccinations
  • If you request prescriptions for medication we do not stock, script fee is $25(per A5)
  • We can only assist with prescriptions for previously prescribed medication eg OC's
  • We accept Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Amex (No Cheques) - all invoices to be paid on the day (i.e. no accounts or discounts, manual credit card transactions 5% bank fee)
  • For medico-legal reasons, you cannot return any vaccines or medication once it's been dispensed (taken home)
  • All prices quoted are subject to change

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