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Our reception staff are not qualified to offer medical advice. They can advise on how it works when you come in and they can book you in for an appointment.

The vaccinations you need depends on a number of factors: on you, your age, your health status, your previous immunity, your trip (duration, country, season, accommodation and activities). 

However, we do have a 'Country Report'  on the main menu of our website where you can select the country you are travelling to from the CDC website. This will give you a general idea of what you need to consider for your trip.  

Our medical staff do not provide a telephone consultation service as they are busy attending to travellers that are in our clinic.

We can offer email advice to clients that have previously entered into a 'medical relationship' with us ie. consulted our doctor previously. However if it's been more than 2 years we suggest you book a 'new trip' appointment.



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