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  • Past vaccination records (authenticated ie batch numbers, site, signature
  • Baby book or plunket and 'yellow book' or vaccination 'passport'
  • Any relevant blood test results if available
  • We can only use documented immunisation records to determine what past vaccines have been give
  • No matter how certain you or your mum are when you say "I would have had everything when I was young" we cannot use that as evidence of immunisation. It is safer to repeat vaccine doses or test for antibodies than rely on 'mum's memory' and potentially leave you susceptible to diseases.
  • Details of your trip itinerary, so we are can advise you for specific areas of risk
  • List of all medical conditions and medications
  • Your passport (or a copy) if you are having the yellow fever vaccine
  • If there are any inconsistencies with your prior vaccine records we will point it out to you and may recommend & request blood tests at your initial appointment. Blood tests results take ~24-48 hours.This will save time, money and needles. Labtests collection center is a short walk from our clinic
  • If you are unsure of previous disease or immunisations, we can request blood tests for immunity at your initial appointment: measles, chicken pox and hepatitis (NB: antibody blood results need to be interpreted in the context of what you may have had or not had in the past). Some blood tests are chargeable by the laboratory e.g. hepatitis B ($20 + blood collection fee of $12)



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