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  • You can telephone or request a appointment online
  • We will require a email address to confirm all appointment bookings
  • We will send you a 'confirmatory' email within 24 hours to confirm the type of appointment, date, time & relevant website information to read
  • If you do not receive the 'confirmatory' email, please check your 'junk folder' first then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check on the status of your booking
  • Plan as early as possible, 6-8 weeks before departure 
  • However, if you are leaving at short notice, remember  'it's never too late to vaccinate' e.g. hepatitis A  can be administered on your way to the airport and it will be effective!
  • Late is better than never i.e. some protection is better than none
  • Some vaccine schedules can be 'accelerated' eg rabies, hepatitis B, japanese encephalitis if you have time constraints before the trip
  • Feel free to come in anytime, browse, talk to our travel assistants who will show your around our clinic, so you know what to expect before you book an appointment with our travel doctor
  • If you make an appointment and do not 'show up', we can rebook you (with pre-payment)

The earlier the better for good reasons :

  • You can better plan what is best for you
  • Some vaccination require several doses e.g. rabies (3 doses)
  • Some immunisations take time to give you protection
  • Some malaria tablets need to be tested well before your travel
  • Minimise any possible side effects while away 

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