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Please get to us well before your appointment so we don't have to 'rush' you through. Plan ahead for traffic and parking. If you are late, we may have to schedule your vaccines for a later date.

  • Fill out a comprehensive questionnaire on ‘you, your health, your trip’ which takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Only booked travellers go into the appointment, unless the traveller is a minor
  • You will be advised by the doctor (30 minutes including time to receive vaccinations)
  • A written 'checklist ' and personalised vaccine schedule is generated for you on Inca: a specialised travel medicine programme to advise and manage your vaccinations
  • The travel doctor will provide an overview of the risks for your trip e.g. food and water, health hazards, altitude, insects and animals, malaria, dengue, deep vein thrombosis, women's issues, medical kits, travel insurance, safety and security, and environmental concerns. Our travel assistants will assist you in more detail after your appointment.
  • We will recommend the vaccines you need to protect yourself; you decide what you wish to have depending on your budget and protection you want (not 'fear' factor)
  • The vaccines will be administered on the day by our doctor or at a later date that suits you. We will advise the vaccine combinations and time frame to have the vaccines 
  • Our philosophy is not to administer vaccinations unless medically necessary  
  • If you are unable to decide on any vaccination (after your initial 30 minute appointment) and wish to do more research e.g. CDC Country/Disease Report, you will be advised to book a subsequent follow up appointment ($26)
  • Extended appointment fees will apply if you prolong the appointment beyond 30 minutes.
  • Please don't commit to a course of vaccines if you cannot complete e.g. hepatitis A/B
  • All vaccines given and blood tests results are documented on the official 'International Health Regulation Certificate of Vaccination'  - issued by the NZ Ministry of Health
  • No vaccines are administered without your signed consent and acknowledging that you have read the 'Questions & Answers' and 'Vaccinations' page of this website (NZ Medical Council)
  • The vaccines are administered in either your non dominant upper arm or antero-lateral thigh; you can choose to sit or lie down (with the end of the couch raised).
  • If you are anxious please request a 'relaxing' medication at the start of your appointment
  • Please assist to restrain & distract your child (while your child is being vaccinated)
  • After the vaccines are administered and you exit the doctors room, please take a seat and wait in the reception for at least 15 minutes (or you may faint and/or injure yourself)
  • Please use this time (if you opt for) to allow our staff to help you with your 'checklist' 
  • Allow 45 – 60 minutes of time for your first visit
  • Once dispensed, oral vaccines and medication cannot be returned 
  • Please familiarise yourself with all our appointment and vaccine costs so there is no confusion when you come in.
  • Our advice may differ from your GP, friends and others in your tour. This is not unusual and will be explained at your appointment
  • NB: right of admission to our clinic is reserved

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