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  • GP’s usually refer their patients to a travel clinic : Travel Medicine is what we do
  • We do not have the expertise to do what your family doctor does, neither does your family doctor or 'GP travel clinic' have the expertise to do what we do
  • We use IncaClinic: a specialised travel medicine software to manage your vaccines
  • You get complimentary access to our travel doctor whilst travelling (with access to his email and mobile); with 25 years of full time travel medicine expertise
  • You save time and money by not having two travel appointments, and possibly inappropriate immunisations and vaccination dosing schedules
  • It is also not ideal for a 'well' traveller to be sitting in a GP waiting area before travel with other 'sick' patients' & contagious bugs (coughs/colds/vomiting/diarrhoea)
  • We give you the latest, correct, up to date information (not advice that may be inconsistent especially as regards the 'real-time' risk of malaria)
  • Our travel vaccines are very competitively priced and better priced than most family medical centres, as we pass our bulk purchase discounts to you
  • Most GP's or GP 'travel clinics' do not offer or administer specialised travel vaccines eg rabies ID, Japanese Encephalitis or combination vaccines like the 4:1 tetanus
  • Our travel doctor spends 30 minutes with you and provides you with a written comprehensive, personalised, latest, up to date 'checklist' for your trip
  • At the travel clinic you get specialist advice and guides regarding vaccines, 'real-time' malaria risk, insect avoidance measures, medical kits, altitude, water filters, compression stockings, deep vein thrombosis, travel insurance etc.
  • It is a one-stop for healthy and safe products and covers the A-Z of travel health.
  • We provide you with the official "New Zealand Ministry of Health - International Health Regulations Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" which you can use for the rest of your travelling life. This certificate is only available at travel health clinics.
  • We cannot advise you on vaccines timing/schedules if they are not given in our clinic.
  • We send your family doctor a copy of your visits to our travel clinic (at your request once all your vaccine series are completed)



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