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  • The side effects of modern vaccines are minor
  • It only hurts for a second or two (if you allow us to 'warm' up the injection area)
  • Its best not to watch if you are anxious; request to lie down if you are tense
  • You do not need to go without food before you have vaccinations or blood tests
  • You can do all your usual activities after the immunisations
  • You can drive, work, gym; but best to take it easy on the day of the jabs
  • Do drink lots of water after vaccinations as side effects are minimised if you are well hydrated
  • Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption 
  • If you don’t feel well after the 'jabs', then take it easy 
  • Local reactions at the site of the injection are a positive indication that your immune system is responding to the vaccine.
  • There is no ‘gain without pain’, e.g. the tetanus injection may cause a lump or redness and hardness that persists for a few weeks (in younger individuals) 
  • The next day you may feel tired, sore body, slight temperature  and may develop tender enlarged glands (lymph nodes in the armpit or neck)
  • Sore throat and vomiting is highly unlikely due to the vaccines
  • There is always the possibility of a rare adverse event or vaccine failure
  • For those travellers that 'loathe' having immunisations and 'things put into my body'; however do consume wine, alcohol, smoke, preservatives; please have a read of
  • Use an ice pack (not heat) and an arm sling if you have a red arm and take paracetamol if you have body aches and/or a fever. If you still feel unwell, please give our doctor a call and we will consult you at no charge.  

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