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IF YOU HAVE MADE AN APPOINTMENT, please read this below as it will make your visit easier to understand and more pleasant when discussing travel vaccinations. 

  • We stock all vaccines, including the yellow fever vaccine (costs $110)
  • If you are unsure of what vaccines you may have had in the past or lost your vaccine records or plunket book, we can request a blood test to test for immunity.
  • Our travel doctor will advise you on the vaccines necessary depending on you, your health, your trip and your activities.
  • We only give you what you really need; we minimise your pain and expense by tailoring your immunisations for you, your health and your trip.
  • We will offer you combination vaccines if possible ( injection with several vaccines)
  • You decide what vaccines you wish to have depending on your budget and the degree of protection you want (NOT FEAR FACTOR)
  • Please don't commit to a course of vaccinations if you cannot complete e.g. hepatitis
  • It is important to be up-to-date with your usual routine vaccinations e.g. tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough-  'the 100 day cough'), hepatitis B  (~ 110 000 New Zealanders have chronic hepatitis B and the virus can be on unclean eating utensils), measles, chicken pox, shingles and pneumonia.
  • Recommended vaccines vary for different countries, and you will be advised by the travel doctor. Some vaccines need a series to be protected; can be accelerated if 'time' contraints
  • Some vaccines are administered 'off label' ie deviates from packaging label.
  • Hepatitis A is the most commonly recommended vaccine, followed by typhoid, rabies, oral E.Coli vaccine (for travellers diarrhoea).
  • Hepatitis A $115, Hepatitis B $49, Hepatitis a+B (Twinrix) combination $115, Typhoid $68
  • Vaccine costs vary in price from $45 to as high as ~$235 for specialised vaccines like Japanese Encephalitis
  • Some vaccines appear expensive, however provide you with long term to lifelong immunity eg rabies and hepatitis A+B (protection for this trip and future travel for the rest of your life). 
  • Our advice may differ from your GP, your friends, other members of your tour party. This is not unusual and will be explained during your appointment

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