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  • Booster shots are important to follow through for long lasting immunity
  • Hepatitis and rabies vaccines are a lifetime investment in future travel
  • Please don't commence a series of vaccinations if you cannot complete timeously
  • If you fail to complete a series you may need to restart the series if you wish to travel at a later stage
  • We will inform you when boosters are due (automated email reminder generated)
  • It is 'never too late' to complete some vaccines eg. hepatitis and rabies (we will advise if otherwise)
  • There is a follow up and administration fee of $26 per traveller + the cost of the relevant booster dose (eg hep B $49, rabies $75, hep A $115, hep A/B $115, pneumonia, meningitis etc )
  • Please bring in your International Certificate of Vaccination when you come in



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