COVID 19 Information

People who have recovered from COVID-19 can continue to test positive for several weeks after their infection. If you have had a positive viral test on a sample taken during the past 90 days, you may travel with your positive viral test results and a recovery letter that states you have been cleared for travel.

You can be assessed up to 6 months of a positive result. The time frame can vary depending on your destination’s requirement, i.e., some countries may want the assessment within 30 days, and some within 90 days.

The positive test result and recovery letter together are referred to as “documentation of recovery”.

The process is similar to the ‘Fit to Fly’ clearance certificate (see point 2) and costs the same. You can request a in-clinic appointment for a certificate of recovery if you have had a positive COVID-19 test more than 10 days ago. Your certificate will remain valid for 90 days after the day you tested positive (validity for future trips depends on the airlines and country requirements). The QR coded recovery certificate will be emailed to you by latest 8pm on the day.

When you request your appointment: send us your ‘documentation of recovery’ details i.e. date of onset of symptoms, date of first + covid test,  isolation periods . It’s important to report your first positive RAT to the MOH and forward us the text messages from the MOH (notification + end of isolation). Bring in all of this information (preferably printed) to your appointment so it can be documented, verified and included in your ‘Proof of Recovery’. Save them as screenshots so its easy to show our doctor & verify with airline or customs.

In the unlikely event that you did not report your positive PCR or RAT, we can assess you with antibody testing. Once we have the results, we can then re-book you in for a ‘Recovery Certificate’. Please see the last section of this webpage – ‘Covid antibody tests’.

Travellers that choose to book with us want ‘peace of mind’: they want to be reassured not only to fulfil government requirements but are not travelling pre-symptomatic or pre-clinical to family, friends & associates and risk the well-being of others at their destination.

FIT TO FLY CERTIFICATE = rapid antigen test + clinical assessment + examination

The RAT we use is Roche & Abbott (lateral flow test). It is a nose swab test (2cm down both nostrils) taken by our travel doctor in a safe & relaxed environment. The test takes 15 minutes to complete. The RAT has a low efficacy in asymptomatic travellers.

While awaiting completion of your test a clinical assessment & brief examination (vitals + eyes + throat + chest) is done. We notify you of your results & confirm them with a Fit to Fly travel doctor certified clearance certificate (one original + photocopy ) which we hand to you within 30 minutes. Please double check the details on your Fit to Fly certificate before you leave the clinic. Present the original certificate at the check-in counter at Auckland airport. The QR code certificate will be emailed to you by latest 8pm on the day. You will also be email a copy of your invoice.

No travellers with our ‘Fit to Fly’  ( > 2000) since December 2021 have had any issues (including authenticity) getting on a plane in Auckland and entry to destination. 

100% success rate 

You will need to bring your passport to the appointment.


Our PCR tests are accepted for flights to China and we can assist you for departures on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Auckland’s premier pre-flight PCR covid testing centre in a safe and relaxed environment. We are the only centre in Auckland  that reviews your itinerary & vaccine status before you book with us, to ensure that you comply with all transit stops and entry to your destination. 

Our travel doctor has been helping travellers for well over 30 years. International borders reopened in September 2020, we have since assisted with over ten thousand tests to help travellers get on a plane, through transits and customs to their final destination. 

In the past 24 months with over 15 000 pre-departure tests, only a dozen travellers failed to check in for multiple reasons eg delay in getting results, newly introduced stringent requirements & not covid vaccinated.

We offer no guarantees, however we have an excellent track record with a 99.9% success rate.  

Use a reliable email to request your Fit to Fly or Recovery Certificate or PCR departure test to .

Allow 1-2 business days for our doctor to reply.

You need to include the following details: In the subject heading insert ONLY the type of test, your final destination & date of departure eg  Fit to Fly or Recovery Certificate or PCR Taiwan 25 June.

1/ Full passport names separated clearly ( *FAMILY name last and in  CAPITAL LETTERS *)

2/ Date of birth

3/ Contact phone number

4/ PDF of flights or proper/official flight itinerary (not written in the email)

5/ Passport number (only if requesting a Fit to Fly or Recovery Certificate)

We assume you are covid vaccinated, if not do let us know. If you are requesting a PCR and had recent covid infection do let us know! If you are requesting a Recovery Certificate, include all supporting information.

It also helps if you let us know if we have attended to you previously.

Our travel doctor selects the appropriate appointment time & date. Check your ‘junk mail/other folders’ for your appointment details. 

Please double check if the appointment date, time, test (PCR or Fit to Fly) we offer you is within the requirements for your trip. If you have doubts, then call the airlines or check the official government regulations. Do not telephone our clinic, however you can reply to the appointment email we sent you.

Bring in a passport and all covid vaccine records (if you want to discuss vaccine passport).

Our doctor does the nasal brush (naso-pharyngeal) as gently as possible with you in a relaxed position & in a safe environment (unlike MIQ or community testing). It is a painless test with our doctors expertise. Your sample is delivered by us to couriers who drop the specimens at the lab. We do not advise you take the sample to the lab.

At the laboratory technologists extract your genetic material, run it dozens of times in a PCR thermal cycler with chemicals to amplify your genetic material. Finally the results are validated and signed off by scientists.

  • Fit to Fly clearance certificate or Recovery certificate is $225.
  • PCR standard fee is $295 (this cost includes viewing your itinerary, setting up the optimal appointment, casual traveller registration, PCR collection by our doctor, processing the specimen request, tracking delivery to drop off point, laboratory fees, monitoring & communicating with lab for release of results, preparing & delivering results to you in a timely manner and supporting you at the airport check in, transits & to your destination).

All booking requests from new clients require a deposit of $50 per person at time of booking request (non-refundable for any reason: cancel, no show, flight reschedule, requirements change).

Late booking fee of $50 applies for appointments confirmed the same or next business day (Mon-Fri). Surcharge fees: Friday & Saturday $25, Sunday $75 & $100 if long weekend holiday.

There is no extra charges if you request printed copies. Some countries require a doctor certified hardcopy; please request if needed ($25). The certified copy helps to support the validity of your test report.

Some countries require a country specific form e.g. Japan or passport certification eg Cambodia ($55, includes doctor certification).

There are options to ‘fast track’ most processes listed in the standard fee eg. for flights departing the next day ($75 fee applies).

All charges are to be paid at reception before your testing. We do not accept pre-payments as flights get cancelled and travellers change plans at short notice. Invoices will be emailed to you after the test. 

We know how important it is for you to receive your results timeously. You will receive the results well before check-in.

Our travel doctor has the expertise to advise what is best to get you checked in on your airline & to your destination (including transit stops); he suggests the best timing for your appointment based on your itinerary.


At the time of your test, our doctor will advise you in writing when to expect your results. The PCR report in PDF format will be emailed by our doctor to the email you provided us at the time of booking. We cannot change this email when you come in for your appointment. We email your results after hours until 10 pm including weekends/public holidays (even if the clinic is closed). Please monitor your junk folders as PDF attachments end up in spam (and know how to locate this folder on your mobile phone !). Carry printed copies for check in, transit and destination countries.

The single page PDF report (sample report below) includes:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Our doctors name
  • Labtests logo
  • Date & time of test
  • Type of test and the result

Virus “NOT detected” means negative to covid-19 on the day of your test. This standard format text PCR report meets the requirements of all countries.

We only include one first name and one family name i.e. the first of each name on your lab report (the rest of your passport names are initialised and this is acceptable for airline check in and customs). The lab report includes all details required by most countries for entry. 

Please ensure that the date and collection time on your report meets the requirements for the airlines and your transits & final destination. No passport numbers are included in the report by Labtests; NHI numbers & addresses may or may not be included (it’s irrelevant for international travel). The date you get tested by the lab is the date on your laboratory report (this cannot be changed).

Please note: if you contact us to inform us that you made a mistake or wish to amend your name spelling or date of birth ; a fee of $100 is chargeable to rectify the error. You can be denied check in if you do not hand in printed copies of your PCR report.


International vaccine passport WHO (NZ Ministry of Health). This option is for travellers who cannot access the covid vaccine pass from the MOH.

You can be denied check in at Auckland airport if you do not have the proper covid vaccine records (even if you meet covid test meets requirements).

We can assist you to certify your Pfizer covid vaccinations for travel to minimise the quarantine process and crossing international borders. Please request this when you make a booking for your covid pre-departure test. We include & certify your covid vaccinations records in the WHO approved yellow vaccination passport ($55). This service is currently only available as an add-on to covid pre-departure test booking.

This little yellow booklet has been in circulation since the 1960’s and well recognised by all border officials.

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis

As a backup to the WHO passport we can also provide you with the QR coded international travel certificate (no cost to you).

With the increase in ‘fake’ or edited PCR reports to meet airline & country requirements some travellers prefer to have their PCR report QR coded for ‘peace of mind’. It is also a mandatory requirement for some destination countries.

For a smoother check-in process eg Singapore airlines request a QR code PCR report. 

The QR code when scanned links to the original pre-departure test PCR report. It’s a convenient tool for airport & customs officials to quickly scan to validate authenticity. This helps facilitate the travel process and increases the accessibility of medical documentation.

We email you the standard lab PCR pdf report first for you to check your personal details, you reply if OK. We then prepare your QR coded report and send to you before check-in.

Covid -19 Vaccine (Pfizer  adult only)

Booster doses for all > age 11 are available for all travellers (last dose more than 4 months ago).

The vaccine is administered by our doctor in a safe and relaxed environment.

*  Email:

* Telephone 477  3747

If you choose to email or telephone, please let us know your:

1/ first, last name & date of birth

2/ date you wish to have the vaccine

We can  assist you with your NZ domestic pass or international travel certificate (no cost to you).

Covid-19 Antibody Tests (for past infection)

A blood sample can be taken to check to see if there are specific antibodies to Covid-19 present. These are immunoglobulin proteins (not cells) and indicate if you have been previously infected with the virus. You will need to consult our doctor to discuss your concerns (consult/post-consult fee $100 per person, prepaid & non refundable for no show or cancellation). Turn-around time for test result is 24-48 hours. You will receive a proper Labtest scientists report. Do check your junk mail for your results before you email the doctor. The laboratory fee for this non-funded test is ~ $110 (please settle the lab at the time of collection). The lab currently uses the Roche assay platform.

We have requested several thousand antibody tests in vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers since December 2020. All that had a past history of covid-19 infection (RT-PCR diagnosis) had reactive antibodies. Your antibody levels may fall off over time, but they are detected if you had a significant infection. If antibodies are ‘reactive’ then further testing is done for specific antibodies. If your results are ‘non reactive’ this means there are no detectable antibodies.

We can differentiate vaccine induced antibodies from natural infection (unlike finger prick rapid tests). NZ labs do not offer testing for helper T or B cells.

To book: please send your full names & date of birth to with ‘covid antibody request’ in the subject heading.

NB: we do not currently offer point of care testing which uses a finger prick blood sample to detect antibodies in the blood. There is concern internationally about the accuracy of the blood sample point of care testing kits and the potential for them to be misinterpreted or provide a misleading result.