We are not a community covid test centre i.e. we do not offer testing for unwell people or community case contacts.

Auckland’s leading pre-departure PCR (aka RT-PCR) flight testing centre.  Contact us to reduce your stress pre-flight. We have assisted several thousand travellers since international borders reopened in September 2020, with only a single traveller failing to check in for Germany on 30 March (new stringent rules introduced on 30 March). Our travel doctor suggests the best timing for your appointment based on your itinerary. Our doctor does the naso-pharyngeal brush as gently as possible in a safe and relaxed environment; follows through with the PCR results and documentation (99.9% success rate). We have not attended to any Covid positive cases this past year.

Please note that New Zealand has not licensed any rapid antigen tests; there are no 20 minute tests!

Country entry & airline requirements are increasingly becoming more complex and continually change. Our travel doctor has the expertise to advise what is best to get you to your destination.  We only accept booking requests for flights departing Auckland in the next 30 days (ie. do not try and book now if your flight is in mid- June). Most airlines and countries currently require the certificate to be issued 72 hours before check in at Auckland airport. A few countries require it within 24 hours of departure or within 48 hours of arrival. We advise you check with us before you book your flights to Germany & Italy- we will advise best routes & timing (since 30 March we have had dozens of successful single PCR tests for check in to Italy & Germany with the new 48 hour requirements).

We advise you check with us before booking flights over long weekends eg first week of June. 

This service is available in clinic and is a private service. PCR standard fee is $265 (includes appointment, swab collection, processing, delivery to lab, laboratory fees & delivering results to you). Please use a reliable email address to request your Covid-19 PCR pre departure test to  – include your passport names, date of birth, contact telephone number and PDF or screenshot of flight itinerary. Please advise us of any layovers. We will respond in 1-2 business days. If urgent last minute i.e. flights departing within 3 days, please email Do check your ‘junk’ mail folder for our confirmation of your appointment. We cannot advise on test dates or accept bookings if you call or counter bookings, as all requests have to be cleared by our travel doctor who selects the appropriate appointment time & date. Late booking fees apply for appointments requested the next day. There is a $25 surcharge for Friday/Saturday testing.

The PCR report in PDF format will be emailed to the email you provided us at the time of booking. We cannot change this email when you come in for your appointment. We email your results after hours until 10pm including weekends/public holidays (even if the clinic is closed). We understand how important it is for you to receive your results timeously; we have done several thousand tests. All charges are to be paid at reception before your testing. Invoices will be emailed to you after the test.

Please check your ‘junk’ mail folder before calling us. The PDF report includes: your name, date of birth, gender, our doctors name/clinic, Labtests logo, date & time of test, type of test and the result (sample report below). We only include one first name and one family name on your lab report (the rest of your passport names is initialised).We advise you carry a printed hardcopy of the PCR report.

We can ‘fast track’ processing times/results & Fit to Fly medical certificates if needed (fees apply). Weekend testing can take longer than weekday processing times.

The date you get tested is the date on your laboratory report (this cannot be changed). No passport numbers are included in the report, however do bring one passport or drivers license in to verify identity.

There is no extra charges if you request printed copies (do carry extra copies as the airlines may require a copy at check in for submission). Some countries require a doctor certified hardcopy; please request if needed. The doctor will send you the PDF report, you then sight it as OK and the doctor then proceeds to certify. The certified copy helps to support the validity of your test report.

*It is your responsibility to check your Airlines, Country covid-19 entry requirements and pre-departure country registration; we advise you do a final check 5 days before your flight*


By requesting COVID-19 testing individuals are providing their consent for results to be sent through to the national result repository. This is a Ministry of Health requirement for all notifiable diseases.




CORONAVIRUS ANTIBODY TESTS (for past + current infection)

A blood sample can be taken to check to see if there are specific antibodies ie IgM to Covid-19 present. These are specialised proteins and indicate if you are currently infected with the virus. Turn-around time for test result is 24 hours. We can also check if you have a past infection.

The gold standard for current infection is the PCR swab test.


CORONAVIRUS RAPID ANTIGEN TESTS:  these tests are not licensed in NZ.



Covid vaccines will be available in our clinic in the coming months for international travel and ‘at risk’ groups. Email us your details if you wish to be on our list to have the vaccine. The vaccine will be free/funded.

There are 4 priority groups:

Group 1 : completed (ports and MIQ)

Group 2 : April (frontline workers) in progress

Group 3:  late May (age 65 > and < 65 with chronic risk conditions)

Group 4: July (general population)