We do not offer Covid-19 testing for unwell people or community case contacts.

Some airlines and countries require a Covid-19 PCR laboratory report to allow an individual to fly or to enter a country. Try and avoid booking flights over public holidays & long weekends eg Easter.

A Travel Clearance Certificate is needed as proof to show that an individual has had a Covid-19 PCR test and is clear of infection within a determined time frame. Most airlines and countries currently require the certificate to be issued 72 hours before check in at Auckland airport. A few countries require it within 48-72 hours of arrival.

This service is available in clinic and is a private service. Please book your Covid-19 test with our reception: Monday to Saturday. We provide results the day after the test, after hours and on weekends. We can ‘fast track’ results if needed (fees apply). Weekend testing can take longer than weekday processing times. We will need your passport names, date of birth, flight time + dates, airline/flight itinerary and destination country to book you in. Late booking fees apply for appointments requested the next day.

The date you get tested is the date on your laboratory report (this cannot be changed). No passport numbers are included in the report, however do bring your passport in to verify identity. A certified hard copy can be provided, it helps to support the validity of your test report (please request at the time of the booking).

** It is your responsibility to check your Airlines & Country Covid-19 entry requirements as they continually change **


By requesting COVID-19 testing individuals are providing their consent for results to be sent through to the national result repository. This is a Ministry of Health requirement for all notifiable diseases.



CORONAVIRUS ANTIBODY TESTS (for past + current infection)

A blood sample can be taken to check to see if there are specific antibodies ie IgM to Covid-19 present. These are specialised proteins and indicate if you are currently infected with the virus. Turn-around time for test result is 24 hours. We can also check if you have a past infection.

The gold standard for current infection is the PCR swab test.



There are several candidates in Phase III trials; it take longer because we need to see how truly protective the vaccine is and we also need to see how safe it is. Once we have a safe and effective vaccine it will be available through our clinic. Covid vaccines will be available in New Zealand in early 2021.