We do not offer Covid-19 testing for unwell people or community case contacts.

With coronavirus still prevalent in many countries, some airlines and countries now require a Covid-19 Travel Clearance Certificate to allow an individual to fly or to enter a country.

A Travel Clearance Certificate is needed as proof to show that an individual has had a Covid-19 PCR test and is clear of infection within a determined time frame. Some airlines and countries currently require the certificate to be issued 72 hours before travelling.

This service is available in clinic and is a private service. Please book your Covid-19 test with our reception: Monday to Saturday. We provide results the day after the test, after hours and on weekends.

** It is your responsibility to check airline & country entry requirements as they continually change **

By requesting COVID-19 testing individuals are providing their consent for results to be sent through to the national result repository. This is a Ministry of Health requirement for all notifiable diseases.




A blood sample can be taken to check to see if there are specific antibodies ie IgG to Covid-19 present. These are specialised proteins and indicate if you had a previous infection with the virus. Turn-around time for test result is 3-5 days. Labtests do not have a IgM test at this stage.



There are several candidates in Phase III trials; it take longer because we need to see how truly protective the vaccine is and we also need to see how safe it is. Once we have a safe and effective vaccine it will be available through our clinic. Covid vaccines will be available in New Zealand in early 2021.