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Corporate Travel Vaccinations

Corporate Travel VaccinationsYou need your staff abroad to be well to get the job done and we understand how important it is for them to stay healthy.

We will ensure that they are well prepared and do not waste valuable time with illnesses and inconveniences.

Failure to properly manage the health of travelling staff can lead to loss of productivity, compromise staff health and disrupt projects.

Pre travel

  • Personal, expert, up-to-date advice
  • Experienced travel doctor
  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • One stop 'shop' for safe and healthy products
  • Yellow Fever and all other vaccinations
  • International Certificate of Vaccination
  • Medical kits - standard or customized
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis + stockings
  • Water filters and purification
  • Malaria prevention and medication
  • Insect repellents, permethrin, mozzie nets
  • Pre deployment medicals, fitness to fly certifications

Whilst away

  • We can be your defacto company medical doctor
  • Free access to our travel doctor via email, website or mobile
  • Access to breaking news via our website
  • Referral to accredited medical providers abroad

After travel

  • Assist you with any medical concerns
  • Medical assessment if you feel you need a check and may have been exposed to local diseases or infections

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