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Group Travel VaccinationsWe understand that school groups have special requirements and these trips can be highly anxious for family not accompanying. 

The last thing teachers and group leaders want is conflicting advice from different sources, as this creates unnecessary anxiety on the trip.

It is easier to keep things simple and uniform, so everyone is clear on health issues !

You will feel secure in the knowledge that you have fulfilled your obligations, by discharging yourself and allowing the group access to a travel doctor.

For parents and group leaders : it is ok not to vaccinate your child or participant against infectious diseases, but it is not ok to risk the well being of the rest of the travelling group who would be immune or vaccinated.

There are International Quarantine Laws which have implications for the whole group (eg measles, influenza, varicella - chicken pox ).

Good preparation leads to positive outomes for teachers, students and parents. Our goal is to ensure that you have a safe and healthy journey. We provide a one stop travel health service – before you go, whilst away and when you get back.

Pre travel

  • We advise the group leader to come in first meet our doctor to advise on what is expected for the trip from a travel health perspective.
  • Group discounts are only applicable if prior arrangement has been made with the group leader
  • Personal, expert, up-to-date advice ( travel & vaccination doctor with > 30 years expertise)
  • One stop 'shop' for safe and healthy products  (and NZ's best priced online store)
  • Yellow fever vaccination and all other vaccinations
  • Medical kits , standard modules or customized
  • Water filters and purification
  • Malaria prevention and medication
  • Insect repellents, permethrin, mosquito nets

Whilst away

  • Free access to our travel doctor via emailor mobile
  • Referral to accredited medical providers abroad

After travel

  • Assist you with any medical concerns
  • Medical assessment if you feel you need a check and may have been exposed to local diseases or infections

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