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Personal Travel Vaccinations

Personal Travel VaccinationsPre travel

  • Yellow fever & every other vaccine
  • Personal, expert, up to date advice
  • Travel & Vaccine doctor with > 30 years experience
  • One stop 'shop' for healthy and safe products (NZ's best priced online store)
  • Medical kits - standard modules or customized
  • DVT assessment + fitted medical compression stockings
  • Water filters and purification
  • Malaria: preventative medication, treatment and rapid testing kits
  • Insect repellents, permethrin, mosquito nets
  • Full Medicals, Fitness to fly certification

Whilst away

  • Complimentary access to our travel doctor via email or mobile for your medical concerns
  • Referral to accredited medical providers abroad

After travel

  • Assist you with any medical concerns 
  • Medical assessment if you need a check and may have been exposed to local diseases or infections

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