The only dedicated

Travel & Vaccination Centre (since 2004)

on the North Shore

The only dedicated

Travel & Vaccination Centre

on the North Shore

Covid-19 Recovery Certificate, Fit to Fly Clearance Certificate with Rapid Antigen Tests & PCR.

To book a pre-departure Covid test follow the process in

101 Apollo Drive, Albany

We are specialists in travel health & vaccinations and endeavour to keep you and your family safe and healthy in New Zealand and during travel. Our travel & vaccination doctor has more than 30 years experience in full-time travel medicine & vaccinations.

We will review & update your age-appropriate New Zealand vaccine recommendations, prepare you for travel, assist you while travelling for any urgent medical concerns (with complimentary access to our travel doctor). We also offer an appointment for after-travel concerns.

The advice we give you is tailored to you, your health, your trip and your concerns: to be protected in New Zealand & travel safely and wisely within one’s own tolerance risk.

Taking precautions during travel can make all the difference between a trip to remember and one you prefer to forget. Education is an essential ‘ingredient’ in the practice of travel medicine & vaccinology; we do just that. There is a lot more to travel & vaccinology than just  ‘jabs’.

We provide a high quality & consistent service in the field of travel medicine & vaccinations (since 2004)

  • Personal, expert, up-to-date advice by our travel & vaccination doctor with > 30 years experience
  • All travel and non-travel vaccinations
  • Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Pertussis, HPV, Strep Pneumo, Meningitis ABCWY, Shingrix, Varicella, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick Bite Fever and others
  • Pre-employment & Pre-deployment Medicals, Fitness to Fly certificates
  • Complimentary access to our travel doctor while travelling (email or mobile)
  • Assistance with post travel illnesses
  • Medical kits: standard modules or customized
  • DVT assessment + fitted medical compression stockings
  • Water filters and purification
  • Malaria: preventative medication, treatment and rapid testing kits
  • Insect repellents, permethrin, mosquito nets, liners
  • Medical assessment and assistance: before, whilst and after travel
  • NZ’s best priced online store for safe and healthy travel products