By taking advantage of the services and products offered by our clinic you will be able to:

  • Save precious time discussing travel health matters
  • Fulfill your legal obligations to provide health recommendations
  • Avoid the possibility of litigation arising from giving your passengers inadequate or out of date advice on health issues
  • Help ensure your clients have a safe and healthy trip with the possibility of them wishing to travel again with you


We believe we deliver a high quality travel medicine service to your travellers at a reasonable cost

How to refer your passengers

  • Ideally, you need to document that your passengers have been advised to seek travel health advice, to discharge you from the legal obligations in the event your client develops a travel related illness.
  • You can place the following in your letters to your clients : ” We wish you a safe and healthy journey and recommend you consult a travel clinic 6- 8 weeks prior to departure, to advise you on health precautions for this trip ”

Before your next trip

Why not try our service yourself and experience the great service that we give your clients ? At a special price to you for your first appointment fee visit. Drop us an email on You will need to bring your business card to your consultation.