Worksafe Vaccinations

Within many organisations health hazards exist e.g food handlers, handling waste, early learning centres, health care workers and hazardous sites.We can assist you with occupational health vaccines and testing options. We provide you with the documentation to comply with Occupational Health & Safety in New Zealand and abroad.

We are efficient, cost-effective and reduce the number of vaccines your staff need to get them cleared for work in and around wastewater. We offer combination vaccines e.g. the 4:1 one injection of Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis + Polio rather than 2 separate injections of tetanus + polio. We also combine hepatitis A and B as a single injection and accelerate the dosing to get staff protected quickly and efficiently to get started with their jobs. Other vaccines are: influenza, meningitis and strep pneumo.

Prior to commencing vaccinating staff, we review past vaccine records, check for blood immunity levels and this avoids unnecessary vaccines and costs. Each staff member then receives the appropriate vaccines as per Workplace safety. We provide you regular feedback on progress of vaccine schedules and an audit trail for Workplace safety. All staff receive the ‘Yellow Immunity Passport’ .